Explore Writing

A writer’s journey never ends. The horizons are always golden, beyond tempestuous seas.

Here are a few pages that you might visit to explore creative writing:

To read all of the posts tagged “writing” on my main Cool San Diego Sights website, click here.

To read many questions that brainstorming writers might ask, click here.

To read about blogging (and writing) with passion, click here.

To learn how your words might help other people, click here.

I’ve been asked by educators if they can use my stories. The answer is yes! I write for fun, and because I’m driven to write. If people think my short stories are worth reading, I feel very honored!

I monitor this website’s stats and have observed visitors coming from Google Classroom, Instructure.com and various other school and curriculum websites. Most of the visitors are reading the story One Thousand Likes, which concerns the isolating effect of social media.

I love to hear what people think! Leave a comment!

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