One Word

As I stood at a busy intersection waiting for a light, I saw from a corner of my eye a man with a horrific beard sitting half-naked on the sidewalk. His fist gripped a magic marker and he was writing on a rectangle of cardboard.

From a distance I couldn’t read what the man had written–the words were too small. I did observe he was creating the word GOD. He was broadening the lines of GOD with great attention. Working very carefully, like a true artist.

Making the word bold. Preparing for his daily appeal.

My eyes were drawn to the earthy arms, earthy legs, earthy feet in broken sandals.

As I waited for the light to cross, a clean, bearded man wearing khaki shorts came up to the writing man and stared down with a half-smile.

Just as the light turned, the man looking down burst out laughing.

“GOD!” he roared.

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